Bringing People Together

RiversEdge West’s leadership brings resource managers and communities together to address common challenges, leverage resources, build capacity, and collectively implement riverside (riparian) restoration in a way that promotes stewardship and long-term success.

RiversEdge West leads the Desert Rivers Collaborative (Colorado and Gunnison Rivers in Mesa County, Colorado), the Dolores River Restoration Partnership (Dolores River in western Colorado and eastern Utah), the White River Partnership (White River in northwest Colorado and northeastern Utah) as well as restoration on private lands

RiversEdge West also co-leads the Grand Valley River Corridor Initiative; a community-driven initiative focused on supporting and maintaining a healthy river corridor and the associated needs, uses, and values for generations to come.


Supporting Watershed Partnerships

RiversEdge West supports watershed partnerships in the West by providing:

  • organizational and strategic planning resources
  • technical and science-based restoration guidance to help them succeed on the ground
  • conferences, workshops, and webinars that share the latest techniques and findings that make restoration successful

To date, restoration has occurred on thousands of acres including initial tamarisk and Russian olive removal, monitoring and maintenance efforts, revegetation and replanting of sites, and the engagement of thousands of volunteers and students.

RiversEdge West is the glue that holds together riparian restoration in our area. They serve both as a partner and a practical resource, without which organizations like ours could not accomplish watershed-wide projects such as the White River partnership or other watershed wide projects.  - Jake Deslauriers, Assistant Director Utah Conservation Corps


Desert Rivers Collaborative

The Desert Rivers Collaborative encompasses portions of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers in western Colorado.


White River Partnership

The White River Partnership focuses on the main stem and tributaries of the White River that have been impacted by tamarisk and Russian olive. 


Dolores River Restoration Partnership

The Dolores River Restoration Partnership spans 170 miles of the Dolores River in Colorado and Utah.


Private Lands

Private landowner participation in restoration projects is vital to connecting habitat and expanding the reach of projects.


Grand Valley River Corridor Initiative

Learn how The River Corridor Initiative is developing a unified vision for the future.