2014 Cross-Watershed Network Workshop Synopsis

Cross-Watershed Network and Tamarisk Coalition
December 30th, 2014
December 17, 2014
Daniel Oppenheimer – XWN Coordinator



Cross-Watershed Workshop Synopsis
Achieving Healthy Watersheds through Healthy Partnerships

This fall (October 15-16, 2014), the Cross-Watershed Network (XWN) held its second annual practitioner workshop in the community of Escalante, UT in the stunning Escalante watershed. Over 65 practitioners, representing over 20 different watersheds throughout the arid West spent two days collaborating and problem solving over shared challenges related to riparian restoration. During structured problem solving, expert-led information sessions, and field-based site tours the group addressed project components such as long-term monitoring, ecosystem resiliency, science, land management, community engagement, computer mapping systems, and funding resources.

The event was co-hosted by the Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP), a community-based partnership working to restore and maintain the natural ecological conditions of the Escalante River and its watershed. ERWP members showcased their efforts to work with their community to treat over 3,000 acres of Russian olive, enhance fish passages, and conduct other watershed enhancements. 

The XWN, promoting healthy watersheds through healthy partnerships, is bringing watershed practitioners together both in person and online to work to achieve greater impact in restoring and protecting watershed resources. Designed as a peer-to-peer learning system to connect watershed practitioners through information sharing, collective capacity building, and collaboration, XWN has now hosted two in-person workshops including this recent event in Escalante, UT. The other primary component of XWN is an online forum – crosswatershed.net - that connects practitioners through profiles and an interactive watershed map, host discussions and event posting, and has a group “meeting” space designed to enhance collaboration among practitioners.

XWN is currently 300 people strong; the more resources and people that are brought into the fold, the more effective collaboration and on-the-ground impact will be!  So, join the online community of watershed practitioners and sign up today at www.crosswatershed.net, and stay tuned for the next get together to connect with peers who could help you tackle your biggest watershed management challenges! 

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