Special Funding to Support Tamarisk Removal

Channel 5 Grand Junction
March 4th, 2015
MESA COUNTY, Colo. - The Desert Rivers Collaborative received a total of $22,500 from Xcel Energy and the Jared Polis Foundation to support local riverside restoration and rid tamarisk- an invasive shrub considered a fire hazard that is overtaking parts of Mesa and Delta county.
Officials say this funding will help them get many more of their high priority projects going, which includes removing thousands of acres of tamarisk in the valley, specifically at Connected Lakes, along the Colorado River and the lower Gunninson River to Delta.
"It's really exciting because we work really hard as an organization on grants and outreach and it feels great to have that support and know that there are people in the community that are really buying in to what we do and that makes a huge difference," Desert Rivers Collaborative coordinator, Shannon Hatch said.
Last year, they partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and removed over 400 hundred acres of tamarisk throughout the valley and officials say this grant is essential for them to keep moving forward.
The Desert Rivers Collaborative also just received word that Alpine Bank will be now providing them with future funding to help them complete river restorations.


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