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Our Mission

RiversEdge West advances the restoration of riparian lands through education, collaboration and technical assistance.

Our Vision

RiversEdge West envisions a network of healthy riparian ecosystems throughout the American West. 

Who We Are

RiversEdge West (formerly Tamarisk Coalition) was founded in 1999. RiversEdge West focuses on riparian forest and floodplain health in the American West to address impacts from invasive riparian (riverside) plants such as Russian olive and tamarisk, challenges associated with climate change and habitat fragmentation, and stressors that may result in diminished biodiversity and ecosystem services. RiversEdge West provides credible information on the best practices and technical aspects of restoration (e.g., techniques for managing invasive riparian plants and re-establishing natives). RiversEdge West also specializes in fostering grassroots leadership by bringing diverse stakeholders together across boundaries to coordinate the restoration of riparian lands. This is accomplished by helping practitioners assemble resources (e.g., gathering information, securing funding, raising public awareness) to better understand and navigate restoration challenges and succeed in the sustained recovery of affected river systems.

Strategic Plan

Read our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan to learn more about our values, goals, strategies and operating principles.  

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Partner Testimonial

"Our relationship with RiversEdge West (formerly Tamarisk Coalition) has allowed Colorado Parks and Wildlife to more effectively meet our mission of improving the wildlife habitat within the state.  The networking and training opportunities provided by the RiversEdge West allow us to leverage intellectual and financial resources to improve habitat along the Colorado River.  As a group, we are able to accomplish more than we could as individuals."
- Pete Firmin; Park Manager-James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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