Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC's)

As many of you know, land managers often have questions about the best way to proceed when managing on-the-ground natural resource projects, and scientific researchers are always looking for new questions to study and answer. So why does it seem so hard to connect the two?
Unfortunately, land managers rarely have an opportunity to voice their questions to academic researchers, and academic researchers are often mandated by funding to explore the more theoretical aspects of natural resource topics (instead of conducting applied research that would be directly relevant to on-the-ground management activities).
To overcome these roadblocks, regional Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCC’s) have recently been created to connect these two groups - providing a venue for land managers to voice their natural resource management questions and needs, and then providing funding to scientific researchers to investigate these questions and provide the information land managers need.
Since 2012, RiversEdge West (REW) has been working with several LCC's in the western United States to support this work. Ongoing REW efforts include:
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