Purgatoire Watershed Weed Management Collaborative

Noxious Weed Program of the Spanish Peaks-Purgatoire River Conservation District
The Goal of Purgatoire Watershed Weed Management Collaborative (PWWMC) is to maintain, protect, and improve the ecological integrity, agricultural productivity, and the economy of the Purgatoire River Watershed through non-native noxious weed control and landscape restoration.
The economic and environmental cost of uncontrolled noxious weeds can be devastating to communities.  However, when local governments, organizations, private landowners, corporations and other entities work together the devastation can be stopped and damage reversed. PWWMC is leading the effort in Las Animas County to reverse these impacts and restore land impacted by noxious weeds.

Stepping Down and Stepping Up!

As of June 1st, 2020 RiversEdge West (REW) stepped down in their role of employing the PWWMC Coordinator. Conversely, the Spanish Peaks-Purgatoire River Conservation District (SPPRCD) is now fully housing all aspects of the PWWMC program.  Heartfelt thanks to REW for joining us on the journey to successfully launch PWWMC!

PWWMC Programs

Since 2016, PWWMC has created four innovative landowner programs, directly impacting over 3,000 acres and working with over 70 landowners to restore noxious weed impacted lands:
  1. Russian Knapweed Initiative Cost Incentive Program
  2. Riparian Restoration Cost Incentive Program (aka tamarisk and Russian-olive)
  3. Herbaceous Noxious Weed Cost Share Program
  4. Tercio Good Neighbor Cost Incentive Program
To read more about PWWMC, click here  (NOTE – Our website does not yet reflect 2019 stats).

2019 Accomplishments


Partnership with Las Animas County

PWWMC also initiated an Intergovernmental Agreement with Las Animas County, in which PWWMC leads List A species treatments (African rue) and County Right-of-Way mapping and treatment of noxious weeds. Las Animas County assists PWWMC by providing herbicide, a vehicle for the SPPRCD Noxious Weed Technician (Donna Albertson), and providing fuel and maintenance for the SPPRCD UTV spray rig. This partnership is in its third year and going strong!

NEW! Las Animas County Noxious Weed Guide

PWWMC also initiated the creation and publication of the new ‘Noxious Weed Guide - Las Animas County’! To access the guide, click here

Thanks to Our Partners!

PWWMC/SPPRCD wishes to thank those who continue to generously support our program both financially and programmatically:
  • Duck’s Unlimited – North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grant
  • CO Water Conservation Board – Watershed Restoration Grant
  • Moore Charitable Foundation
  • RiversEdge West
  • CO Department of Agriculture – Noxious Weed Fund Grant
  • CO State Forest Service – State and Private Forestry Grant
  • Purgatoire Watershed Partnership
  • Upper Arkansas Cooperative Weed Management Area
  • CO Parks and Wildlife
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Branson-Trinchera Conservation District
  • Private landowners

For More Information, Please Contact:

Purgatoire Watershed Weed Management Collaborative, Coordinator
Noxious Weed Program of the Spanish Peaks-Purgatoire River Conservation District
3590 E. Main Street
Trinidad, CO 81082


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