Funding Opportunities

E.g., Nov 12, 19
Funder Name: Bureau of Reclamation
Funding Range:

$50,000 - $100,000

The Bureau of Reclamation released a grant funding opportunity for communities to establish a new watershed group, expand an existing group and complete restoration planning efforts. The Cooperative Watershed Management Program encourages diverse stakeholders to form local solutions to address their water management needs.

A watershed group is a self-sustaining, non-regulatory, consensus-based group that is composed of a diverse array of stakeholders. Membership in a watershed group may include, but is not limited to, private property owners, non-profit organizations, federal, state, or local agencies, and tribes.

"This program brings local stakeholders together to collaborate on improving water reliability and management in their community. The intention of this is to facilitate locally driven and consensus-based solutions to complex water issues,” said Reclamation’s Program Manager Robin Graber.

Funder Name: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Funding Range:

$250,000 - $10,000,000

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) promotes coordination of Natural Resources and Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation activities with partners that address on-farm, watershed, and regional natural resource concerns. Through RCPP, NRCS seeks to implement projects that demonstrate innovative solutions to conservation challenges and provide measurable improvements and outcomes tied to the resource concerns they seek to address. 

Funder Name: Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Funding Range:

$5,000 - $20,000

The Community Challenge Grants are to be used to promote and enhance the quality of Arizona’s

urban and community forests. Research project funding is provided as seed-dollars. Projects should be

aimed at improving the long-term health and care of the urban forest, or at initiating new urban forestry

projects in Arizona communities that would not otherwise be funded through existing budgets.

Funder Name: US Fish and Wildlife Service
Funding Range:


SWGP provides federal grant funds for developing and implementing programs that benefit wildlife and their habitats, including species not hunted or fished.

Priority is placed on projects that benefit species of greatest conservation concern.

Grant funds must be used to address a variety of conservation needs--such as research, fish and wildlife surveys, species restoration, habitat management, and monitoring— identified within a State’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan/Strategy. These funds may also be used to update, revise, or modify a State’s Strategy.

Funder Name: Colorado Water Conservation Board
Funding Range:


The WSRA Program provides grants and loans to assist Colorado water users in addressing their critical water supply issues and interests. The funds help eligible entities complete water activities, which may include competitive grants for:

  • Technical assistance regarding permitting, feasibility studies and environmental compliance;  

  • Studies or analysis of structural, nonstructural consumptive and nonconsumptive water needs, projects or activities; and  

  • Structural and nonstructural water projects or activities

Funder Name: Gates Family Foundation
Funding Range:


The Gates Family Foundation's Natural Resource initiative will partner strategically with groups to support land conservation, water resource protection and management, increased land trust capacity, citizen stewardship and ecosystem services demonstration opportunities.

Funder Name: Environmental Systems Research Institute
Funding Range:

$500 - $10,000

The Environmental Systems Research Institute provides many resources and avenues for non-profit organizations interested in developing GIS capacity but who lack the funds to pay retail costs.

Funder Name: Daniels Fund
Funding Range:

$0 - $100,000

The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for youth to develop character and gain the necessary life skills to become successful adults. Focus areas are: 1) academics and supplemental services; 2) Civic literacy and community engagement; 3) Financial literacy and entrepreneurship; and 4) Career and technical education. 

Funder Name: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Funding Range:

$1,000 - $100,000

SEPs are funds generated by fees and penalties for environmental violations. These fees are used for an array of projects such as: 

  • Pollution prevention and reduction 

  • Environmental restoration and protection

  • Environmental education and training

  • Environmental Assessments 

  • Public Health

Funder Name: US Forest Service
Funding Range:

$0 - $100,000

The Forest Legacy Program (FLP), a Federal program in partnership with States, supports State efforts to protect environmentally sensitive forest lands. Designed to encourage the protection of privately owned forest lands, FLP is an entirely voluntary program. To maximize the public benefits it achieves, the program focuses on the acquisition of partial interests in privately owned forest lands. FLP helps the States develop and carry out their forest conservation plans. 

Funder Name: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Funding Range:

$0 - $40,000

The Conservation Stewardship Program helps agricultural producers maintain and improve their existing conservation systems and adopt additional conservation activities to address priority resources concerns.  Participants earn CSP payments for conservation performance - the higher the performance, the higher the payment.

Funder Name: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Funding Range:

$0 - $100,000

The National Water Quality Initiative will work in priority watersheds to help farmers, ranchers and forest landowners improve water quality and aquatic habitats in impaired streams. NRCS will help producers implement conservation and management practices through a systems approach to control and trap nutrient and manure runoff. Qualified producers will receive assistance for installing conservation practices such as cover crops, filter strips and terraces.

Funder Name: Natural Resources Conservation Service Colorado
Funding Range:


Through EQIP, NRCS provides agricultural producers with one-on-one help and financial assistance to plan and implement improvements, or what NRCS calls conservation practices. Together, NRCS and producers invest in solutions that conserve natural resources for the future while improving agricultural operations. 

Funder Name: Audubon
Funding Range:

$0 - $0

The program builds on grants given through several western state offices in past years. These grants are available to Audubon chapters in the arid West who lead projects that keep priority rivers and lakes flowing, resilient, and accessible to migratory birds and human communities through policy and advocacy, habitat projects, and community science. To learn more about these grants, visit Audubon Works.


Funder Name: National Forest Foundation
Funding Range:

$25,000 - $30,000

The National Forest Foundation Matching Awards Program provides funding for results-oriented on-the-ground projects that enhance forest health and outdoor experiences on National Forests and Grasslands. 

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