Invasive Plants Grant

Invasive Plants Grant

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions
Relevant Project Area:
Habitat Improvement, Biodiversity, & Riparian Restoration
Invasive Species
Science, Monitoring & Research
Funding Range:

 DFFM’s Invasive Plant Grant Program focuses on prevention, control, and eradication of invasive
plants and aims to achieve the following objectives:
 Target and treat invasive plants that are capable of transforming native plant communities in
forests, woodlands, or rangeland.
 Assist in preventing fire and flooding, conserving water, and restoring habitat to wildlife.
 Increase local capacity to manage and prevent encroachment of invasive plants.
 Use an integrated weed management approach when treating areas infested with invasive plants
through the utilization of available tools including manual, cultural, mechanical, chemical, and
biological control methods.


Priority will be given to projects that:
 Are located within a riparian area along a river or stream.
 Provide at least 10% matching contribution (from local, state, or federal funds). For example: your grant request is $100,000 and you are providing $11,000 in matching contribution for a total project cost of $111,000. The matching contribution is 10%. Projects that provide more than 10% match may receive priority for funding.
 Compliment and/or have adjacency to past or present invasive plant projects.
 Demonstrate partnerships in treating and monitoring invasive plants and use an integrated weed management approach.
 Are implemented within a priority area as described in DFFM’s 2018 Invasive Plant Treatment Prioritization map (

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