Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program (CFOSP)

Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program (CFOSP)

Federal Agencies/Foundations
Funder Name:
US Forest Service
Eligible Applicants:
Tribal Governments
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Endangered Species and Species Conservation
Forest and Fire Prevention
Conservation & Land Acquisition
Funding Range:

The Community Forest Program is a grant program that was authorized to establish community forests that provide continuing and accessible community benefits.

Program benefits include: 

  • Full fee title acquisition is required. Conservation easements are not eligible.
  • Community Forests can be owned by local governments, Tribal Governments, and qualified nonprofit entities.
  • The program pays up to 50% of the project costs and requires a 50% non-federal match
  • Public access is required for CFP projects
  • The community is involved in the establishment of the community forest and long-term management decisions.
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