Environment Program

Environment Program

Private Foundations
Funder Name:
Xcel Energy
Eligible Applicants:
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Youth & Environmental Education
Employment & Workforce Development
Outreach & Community Engagement
Funding Range:
The communities we serve count on us to produce energy responsibly and to conserve natural resources. We do all we can in our operations to meet these expectations, and support the following projects to increase our positive impact in the natural environment:
Programs or projects that provide hands-on environmental education experiences and curricula that foster an ethic of stewardship and conservation
Habitat and park partnership efforts between nonprofit entities and Xcel Energy that preserve, restore, conserve and improve wildlife habitat, open lands, wet lands, parks, trail systems or recreational areas
Natural resource conservation projects that help protect natural resources, or build awareness for natural resource conservation, including interactive exhibits and displays at museums and other public facilities, with an emphasis on water conservation.

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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