Healthy Rivers Fund

Healthy Rivers Fund

State Agencies
Funder Name:
Colorado Water Conservation Board
Eligible Applicants:
Non-profits organizations
Relevant Project Area:
Habitat Improvement, Biodiversity, & Riparian Restoration
Water Quality & Watershed Health
Funding Range:

Two categories of grants are available under the Program:

  1. Project Grants: For projects that promote the improvement and/or protection of the condition of the watershed. Includes: water quality and/or water quantity monitoring; participation in the development and/or implementation of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs); implementation of watershed-related best management practices; flood protection; channel stability; and a wide variety of other riparian, streambank and habitat restoration efforts.
  2. Planning Grants: For the planning of successful watershed restoration or protection projects. Includes: data collection and assessment; analysis of project alternatives; project permitting; acquisition of funding for a project; and outreach efforts to ensure the education, involvement and support of the local community.

The Program was financed by the Colorado Individual Income Tax Refund Check-off Program, which gives taxpayers the opportunity to contribute a portion of their tax return or to make a donation to the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund. It was not included as an option on the 2015 state income tax form, so we will not be accepting applications for 2016. However we intend to continue the program as we are able to fund it. 

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