State Trails Grant Program

State Trails Grant Program

State Agencies
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Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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Federal Agencies
State Agencies
Local governments and Utility Districts
Non-profits organizations
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The mission of CPW’s Trails Program is to be the major facilitator in accomplishing the following visions for trails in Colorado through promoting understanding and stewardship of Colorado’s outdoors by providing opportunities for the public use and support of Colorado’s diverse system of trails.
 Colorado’s trail system will allow Coloradans to experience the state’s diverse landscapes in a range of ways.
 Trails are developed with sensitivity to the environment and in ways they complement other lands (e.g., people can use trails to commute to work or school or get other places they want to go).
 Trails are well maintained.
 Conflict among trail users and impacts to trail settings are minimized through design, management, and education.
 The public has access to maps and other information they need to find the trail experiences they seek.
 The system is a collaborative effort among public and private entities, with the State Trails Program providing leadership in accomplishing this vision.

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