Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)

Federal Agencies/Foundations
Funder Name:
Department of Energy/Environmental Protection Agency/Department of Defense
Eligible Applicants:
Federal Agencies
State Agencies
Colleges, Schools and Research Institutions
Businesses and Corporations
Relevant Project Area:
Science, Monitoring & Research
Funding Range:

SERDP issues two annual solicitations. The Core Solicitation seeks proposals for basic and applied research, and advanced technology development. Core projects vary in cost and duration, consistent with the scope of the work proposed. The SERDP Exploratory Development (SEED) program is designed to investigate innovative approaches that entail high technical risk or require supporting data to provide proof of concept. SEED projects are limited to not more than $200,000 and are approximately one year in duration. SEED projects that are successful are considered for additional follow-on funding. All submissions must be in response to a Statement of Need (SON) associated with the solicitation. Core and SEED solicitations have different SONs and different due dates.

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