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Living Streambanks - A Manual of Bioengineering Treatments for Colorado Streams

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Bioengineering practices provide resiliency for streambanks, enhance wildlife habitat, enhance organic matter inputs to streams, improve water quality, increase floodplain roughness, and heighten landscape aesthetics so important to countless residents, visitors, and businesses. Accordingly, the authors have created the following manuscript to:
  • Provide guidelines for a comprehensive bioengineering strategy;
  • Incorporate design elements that impart site stability and resilience;
  • Include project recommendations that minimize risk during periods of vulnerability;
  • Increase understanding of how to properly apply bioengineering and revegetation techniques;
  • Provide background resources on the combined forces of water and gravity as they pertain to bioengineered structures; and
  • Create a searchable Revegetation Matrix for the primary native restoration species useful for flood recovery and other riparian areas throughout Colorado.

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