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Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change at Watershed Scales; Chris Sturm

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2021 Conference
Mitigating Impacts of Climate Change at Watershed Scales
Chris Sturm1
1 Colorado Water Conservation Board
Recent studies by the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) suggest a potential increase in short-duration rainfall intensity of 5-15% in Colorado. As the pendulum swings between drought and extreme precipitation events, the CWCB is developing a more proactive approach to post-fire flood mitigation. Planning for disaster recovery during or between disasters, i.e. fire followed by flood, does not often allow for innovative or long term solutions. CWCB staff will discuss strategies to mitigate impacts from post-fire flooding. The need to leverage planning across disciplines within the same watershed is greater than ever. Plans and projects designed to benefit water supply, ecological health (structure and function), and flood mitigation are true multi-objective efforts that are positioned favorable to compete for funding.




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