Coordinating & Supporting Partnerships

We strive for landscape-scale solutions to address tamarisk impacts rather than the more conventional site-by-site approach to riparian restoration. In order to do this, we support watershed-wide collaborative partnerships that are often comprised of federal, state, and local agencies, community organizations and land owners throughout the American West. 
Our work with partnerships requires effective social processes that involve on the ground and scientific knowledge, resources, and collective contributions from many different interests, organizations, and individuals.  We respect the values and perspectives of everyone we work with and support restoration activities that fit community and land management needs. 
RiversEdge West is involved in various capacities with these partnership groups. Our goal is to support them, be spokespeople and ambassadors for their work, and learn from them. 
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"RiversEdge West is a very effective organization. As a consultant working in the natural resource field, my opinion is that they are top notch! Their staff is extremely caring and competent, and they work well with scores and scores of non-profits, businesses, governments and other stakeholders. Specifically, their work with the Dolores River Restoration Partnership is notable and is helping to restore an entire river corridor to a more natural, healthy status." 
-Marsha Porter-Norton, Private Consultant for the Dolores River Restoration Partnership

RiversEdge West's

mission is to advance the restoration of riparian lands through collaboration, education, and technical assistance.



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