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  • verde

    Why Restore?

    Invasive plants in a riparian ecosystem negatively impact wildlife, recreation, and agricultural production, lessening the quality of life and threatening local economies in river-dependent communities.
  • tamarisk

    Impacts of Tamarisk

    Learn about one of the many invasive plants that RiversEdge West works to manage along rivers.
  • Tamarisk Beetle

    What is the Tamarisk Beetle?

    RiversEdge West is a leader in monitoring and sharing critical information about tamarisk biocontrol.
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    Annual Report

    Learn about our yearly accomplishments and ongoing projects and collaboratives.
  • doug

    Riverside Stories

    Meet some of the people like you who are restoring riverside lands.
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    Media Inquiries

    Request an interview with one of our experts, download RiversEdge West logos, and more.