Featured Speakers:

  • Rodney Held, Arizona Water Protection Fund (AWPF)
  •  Marty Herrera, Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD)
  • Samuel “Jake” Breedlove, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)

The AWPF provides funding for projects that directly maintain, enhance and restore river and riparian resources; implement innovative river and riparian research; and implement water conservation measures or programs outside of the 5 Active Management Areas. Rodney Held  provided an overview of the history and applicability of this program to restoration in Arizona. Marty Herrera discussed the AGFD’s Heritage Fund program, which supports projects that recover threatened and endangered species, foster wildlife, educate children about the environment, and create new opportunities for outdoor recreation. Samuel “Jake” Breedlove presented on ADEQ’s Water Quality Improvement Grant Program, which funds projects that implement on-the-ground water quality improvements to reduce nonpoint source pollution.