Featured Speakers:

  • Gayle Mabery, Town of Clarkdale 
  • Ellen Yates, Town of Clarkdale 
  • Bruce Roll, Clean Water Services

Partnerships between restoration groups and water utility companies can provide unique opportunities for accomplishing restoration and reducing the need for expensive water distribution infrastructure. Gayle Mabery and Ellen Yates spoke about a utility surcharge program that has helped to fund water conservation awareness in local schools. Bruce Roll from Clean Water Services will share the innovative temperature credit program his utility company has implemented along the Tualatin River in Oregon. This program has helped restore approximately 15,000 acres of habitat over 10 years and has saved CWS approximately $100,000,000 in infrastructure costs. If you are a restoration practitioner or a water utility company you will want to participate in this webinar and identify similar opportunities in your own watershed.