2018 Dolores River Restoration Partnership Annual Report 

A brief analysis of NRCS funding programs, considering which lands may be involved in each of the different funding opportunities.

This document provides a generic template for grant budget development. 

To ensure that TC’s Funding Program targets the real needs of restoration practitioners, we conducted a survey in 2014.

This documents provides a template for tracking multiple funding streams from multiple sources in the watershed partnership setting. Please note that formulas may need to be adjusted and updated. 

These documents provide an overview of why and how to track in-kind contributions.

This document summarizes governance structure information acquired during the analysis of watershed initiative case studies examined for the 2011 Tamarisk Coalition report Sustainable Funding Options for a Comprehensive Riparian Restoration Initiative in the Colorado River Basin.

These worksheets were developed by The Foundation Center and provide helpful exercises for thinking through and developing the components of a Fundraising Plan. Attached is an example of a sample fundraising plan as well.