The Middle Rio Grande Farm and River Resilience Program   Adrian Oglesby1*, Paul Tashjian2
 University of Arizona Press, Briggs, M.K. and W.R. Osterkamp. 2020     This guidebook builds on what came before, developing it as both a guidance 'how to' as well as a reference. Where restoration topics are well-documented and well-traveled, we offer references. Where not, we offer detailed guidance on how to develop a stream restoration response start to finish.
      Salinity-Herbivore-Plant Interactions: Effects of Plant Health, Beetle Defoliation, and Local Adaptation on Tamarix Growth   Randall Long1*, Tom Dudley2, Adam Lambert3, Kevin Hultine4   1Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, University of California Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 2Marine Science Institute, Univers
    Why Do Some Restoration Projects Fail and Others Succeed? A Quantitative Look at 243 Sites for Environmental, Management, and Social Factors   Anna Sher1*, Annie L. Henry2, Lisa B. Clark2, Alex Goetz2, and Eduardo González2,3   1University of Denver, Dept.


A prescription for drug-free rivers: uptake of pharmaceuticals by a widespread streamside willow

Carmen Franks, David Pearce, Stewart Rood