This document is designed to serve as a Scope of Work for contractors or staff completing invasive plant treatments, as well as a documentation of work completed on a single page. It is a fillable pdf but can also be downloaded blank to fill out in the field, or adapted to individual project needs.

This attachment includes range and pasture chemical recommendations. These recommendations were produced by Weld County, Colorado.

This list of chemical weed mix recommendations was produced by Weld County, Colorado.

This document, prepared by Weld County, discusses the appropriate way to calibrate a sprayer for herbicide application. Calibration is critical to ensure the correct amount of herbicide is applied; over application can injure desirable vegetation and under application can result in noxious weeds building up resistance to chemical over time. 

This document provides herbicide mixture rates for a variety of common herbicides used for spot spraying and backpack sprayers. 

  Prepared by the RiversEdge West (formerly Tamarisk Coalition) in 2008, this document addresses options for the control, biomass reduction, and revegetation management components. All currently available technologies have been evaluated; however, not all are applicable for a given river location. Tamarisk is the focus of this document’s control component because it is the principle non-native phreatophyte in western watersheds.

This report describes the use of a skid-steer attachment called the Star Hill JAWZ for use in tamarisk extraction.