Provo River Delta Restoration Project 

Eric McCulley1*, Melissa Stamp2 

Rare and native fishes of the upper Colorado River Basin

M. Tildon Jones

Dolores River Adaptive Management Support Project: Defining the New Normal for the Dolores River Jonathan Harvey1, Melissa Clutter1, Cynthia Dott1, Alan Kasprak1, Joel Sholtes2*, Ryan Unterreiner3

Is Restoration Beating a Dead Horse In the Face of Climate Change? Using Genetics and Other Methods to Beat the OddsTom Whitham

Halophytic Plant Establishment in Playa Settings to Promote Dust Control at the Salton Sea, CAChris Sanderson1* , Ondrea Hummel1, Sujoy Roy1 

Assisted Migration Experiments along a Distance/Elevation Gradient Show Limits to Supporting Home Site CommunitiesArt Keith*1, 2, Joseph Bailey3, Thomas Whitham1, 2

Pre-vegetated Coir Mats: When, Where, and How to Use Them Rebecca Wright1*

Yellow-billed Cuckoo Breeding Phenology and General Nest Site Characteristics in Western Colorado Adam Petry1*

Using Tamarisk Beetle Pheromone Lures to Reduce Re-growth of Tamarisk Following Tree Cutting Cynthia Brown1*, Hannah Ertl2, Dan Bean3, Zeynep Ozsoy4, Farley Ketchum Sr.5, and Emily Swartz6 

Source Climate Variability and Predictability Drive Phenotypic Plasticity in Fremont Cottonwood

Hotter Temperatures Alter Riparian Plant Response to River Regulation and Environmental GradientsEmily Palmquist1*, Kiona Ogle2, Bradley Butterfield3, Thomas Whitham4, Gerard Allan5, Patrick Shafroth6 

Downstream decreases in water availability, tree height, canopy volume and growth rate in cottonwood forest along the Green River, southwestern USA 

Impact Of Recreation Related Disturbance On Fungal Endophytes In Bouteloua gracilis Along A Disturbance Gradient In Browns Canyon National Monument

Assessing Sampling Methodologies Used to Monitor Riparian Plant Communities Hisham Al-Waer1, Aziz Syammach2*, Kelly Tobin3, Giovana Davison4, Olivia Larson5, Anna Vogt6, Anna Sher7

Olives in Overdrive: Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Russian Olive Establishment on the San Juan River Cassidy Goering1*, Cynthia Dott2  

Changes in Soil Salinity and Plant Diversity After Tamarisk Removal: Seventeen Years of Monitoring by Undergraduate Students Deborah Kennard1*

Genetic Monitoring of Tamarisk Biocontrol Agents (Diorhabda spp.) Along the Gila River Using Mitochondrial CO1 Barcoding 

The Wandering Willow: Coyote Willow Growth Along the Dolores River, CO  

Balancing Act: Examining Mosquito Control’s Hidden Ecological Costs on Macroinvertebrate Populations  

Working Collaboratively For A Healthy, Flowing River System  Hudson Keffer1*, Elaine Nichols2, Tracy Stephens3